Ein Mann bearbeitet unterlagen und rechnet mit einem Taschenrechner. Besser fakturieren mit GPS-Ortung von geoCapture
improve invoicing



With the help of GPS positioning vehicles, driving and operating times can be reconstructed at any time. If records of locations and services are lost, they can be easily reconstructed at any time using GPS data and invoiced to the customer.

Missing proof leads to discussions

In day-to-day business, it happens time and again that records of customer services are lost. As a result, the customer does not receive an invoice and the company remains stuck on its costs. This is annoying and expensive.

It also happens that customers do not want to accept the invoiced working times. If the customer has not signed a proof of performance, this can lead to a long, expensive and nerve-racking legal dispute. In the end, the customer is often proved right or the procedure ends with a settlement.

GPS tracking provides proof of performance

With the GPS transmitters from geoCapture, every vehicle receives a tachograph. Driving times, routes, locations and operating times are stored and can be reconstructed and evaluated at any time. So you can see even months later which employee was working for which customer. A comparison of invoiced services and the actual operating times thus becomes child's play. This way you can be sure that nothing is missing on your invoices and the customer will receive an incorruptible proof on request.

Your advantages: 

  • Logging of driving and operating times
  • All services are invoiced fairly and without any gaps.
  • Proof of services to customers
  • Unlimited time storage of vehicle data
  • Evaluation of operating times by construction site/location
  • Safe from manipulation
  • No software installation, works via the browser

geoCapture offers many advantages for your accounting - find out more now!