environmental protection
environmental protection



A wrong driving style leads to more fuel consumption, more wear and thus to higher costs. Green Driving by geoCapture signals wrong driving style to the driver and GPS transmitters in the vehicle document this. This encourages the driver to change his driving style. This is not only good for the wallet but also for the environment.

Wrong driving style is expensive and dangerous

Many drivers think that a speedy driving style helps them get to their destination faster. In most cases, however, only a few minutes are gained. The price: up to 30% more fuel consumption, more wear, more stress and therefore higher costs. A brash driving style is not economically justifiable. The time gain is paid dearly and also the environment is more loaded.

Green Driving

GPS transmitters from geoCapture in the vehicles are equipped with acceleration sensors. These register for brisk driving. In the event of strong acceleration, fast cornering or strong braking, a signal tone sounds in the vehicle. This encourages the driver to change his behaviour.

These events are stored in the geoCapture portal and can be evaluated there. A moderate driving style also ensures that your drivers are less flashed.

Your advantages: 

  • Lower fuel costs
  • Less wear and tear
  • Lower costs
  • Higher availability
  • More safety
  • Fewer accidents
  • Fewer traffic offences
  • Less CO2 emissions
  • More environmental protection
  • GPS tracking in real time

Environmental protection thanks to GPS tracking by geoCapture - a step in the right direction!