GPS-Ortung für Objekte ohne Spannungsversorgung

GPS positioning for containers and swap bodies 

Determine the exact location with geocapture

GPS tracking of containers for logistics companies for freight container 

With the help of the GPS transmitter for containers you always know where your freight is.

Prevent freight loss with geoCapture's GPS container locator

Logistics experts in the field of container or swap body transport know the problem: Wrong containers are loaded again and again because of number shifts or mix-ups. If the freight documents are not filled out correctly or illegibly, it can also happen that entire containers are taken to the wrong place or even get lost.

With geoCapture's GPS location for containers, such errors can easily be avoided. Because of our transmitters you always know where a container freight is at any given time. Double transports or losses are annoying and expensive. In many companies there is simply no overview of where the containers or swap bodies are at the moment. Therefore: Decide in favour of our GPS transmitter for GPS location of containers. With our GPS tracking system, you can easily keep track of the situation. Find out more about our GPS container positioning on our website or send us an enquiry if you are interested. You are also welcome to contact us by phone or e-mail if you have any questions about our GPS system.

Your advantages with GPS positioning:

  • GPS positioning of trucks and containers 
  • No power supply required for containers 
  • Low costs per container 
  • Protection against incorrect loading 
  • Low operating costs 
  • Weatherproof and extremely robust 

Due to geoCapture, you always know where your freight is at the moment - Request your personal offer now.