parcel service
parcel service

GPS positioning in parcel service


As a parcel service, you organise the daily dispatch of a large number of parcels and small parcels. GPS tracking helps you to plan the routes optimally and to use your employees productively.

Distribute orders appropriately among the drivers

It is difficult to keep track of a large number of orders and deliveries. The drivers' tours must be optimally planned so that the orders can be distributed appropriately among the employees. The driving times have to be calculated and possible delays (e.g. traffic jams) have to be identified and taken into account as early as possible.

It is difficult to understand which employee was at the customer's place and at what time. How many packages were delivered in each case?

Often you can only give the customer a delivery date of the parcels, but not more exact times. So the customer has to be reachable the whole day and wait for his parcel. How can the arrival time be further limited during planning?

Reliable and punctual delivery with geoCapture

The vehicle position is transmitted to geoCapture in real time via GPS transmitters in the vehicles. In addition to the current position, the transmitter also transmits the exact standing times. So you can see when exactly the customers were supplied. This can serve as proof of the services rendered.

geoCapture takes care of route planning for you. Through route optimization, you determine the appropriate sequence of delivery addresses and calculate the exact arrival times for these. Delivery times, downtimes and breaks are automatically taken into account. Delays are immediately recognized and included. Thus you can give the customer an exact date and let him be informed immediately about delays.

With geoCapture you can always see where your vehicles are at the moment. At the same time, you can always see how far the drivers are with the individual tours. This data is stored in the geoCapture portal and can be evaluated there.

Your advantages with GPS positioning:

  • Numerous evaluations / tour controlling
    • How many packages were delivered?
    • Driver-related evaluations
    • Deviation from tour plan
    • Graphical preparation as road map
  • Create tour plans online
  • Send tour plans directly to the navigation device
  • Current arrival times
  • Proof of services rendered
  • Effective disposition
  • GPS tracking in real time

Optimize your resource planning with geoCapture - we are looking forward to your request!