Mitarbeiter auf dem GaLaBau. GPS-Ortung und Zeiterfassung für den GaLaBau
Horticulture & Landscaping

GPS TRACKING in horticulture and landscaping

Many application fields for geoCapture

Especially in gardening and landscaping there are many application fields for geoCapture. The disposition of construction machines, mobile clocking, controlling or the administration of tools and devices - geoCapture can be used in many ways.

Operating times of the machines

In the construction industry in particular, the effective use of expensive machines and skilled workers is essential. Unnecessary machine transports need to be avoided and the workload should always be optimal. The allocation of machine and logistics costs to the respective projects is often a problem.
With geoCapture, the operating times of construction machines are determined via GPS transmitters. The operating hours are directly assigned to the respective construction project via the GPS position of the machine. The administrative effort is extremely minimized.

Recording without effort with GPS

Many gardening companies regularly maintain green areas or offer their customers services such as street cleaning and winter services. Especially for these areas geoCapture offers route planning on a street or map basis. 
The GPS tracker in the machines are used to record operations without gaps and can be verified to the client. GeoCapture also offers interfaces for clients.

Mobile time tracking

GeoCapture offers a robust and simple system for mobile time tracking. Using employee keys and special sensors in the vehicles, working times are reliably determined for each project. With the geoCapture App, employees can also clock times on their smartphones. It is possible to mix both methods without any problems. The calculated wage hours are available online at any time and can be used for the final calculation of construction projects. 

Success story: Usage of geoCapture at Cremers Galabau

Our customer Cremers Galabau uses geoCapture for mobile time tracking with the interface to DATAflor. "We searched for a long time until we found the right solution," says Managing Director Ralf Cremers. geoCapture simplified the time tracking and made it more cost-effective. Industry-specific features of payroll accounting in gardening and landscaping are already stored in geoCapture. The unproblematic data import from geoCapture to DATAflor ensures particularly efficient work in payroll accounting and post-calculation of customer orders. 

Manage tools and consumables

Especially in horticulture and landscaping all kinds of equipment are used. The use, condition and whereabouts are often only half-heartedly recorded. The mobile management of devices by geoCapture provides a simple remedy and the necessary transparency. With the help of mobile handheld terminals, the devices are scanned via RFID during output and thus assigned to employees and projects. Seamless deployment protocols and current device statuses are available online.

Interface to DATAflor Business

More than 5000 landscaping companies count on the software of DATAflor. Via interfaces specially tailored for DATAflor, a perfect interaction of both systems was created.
DATAflor is connected to the geoCapture system via modern interfaces. The location data is displayed directly in DATAflor Business. The DATAflor user does not have to switch back and forth between the systems to be able to use the many advantages of GPS tracking. For the user this means: Maximum comfort.

Your advantages with GPS tracking:

  • current location of machines
  • Project-related distribution of machine hours 
  • Project-related time tracking via GPS 
  • Numerous interfaces/APIs
    • DATAflor 
    • TopKontor 
  • Time tracking
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Better disposition 
  • Theft protection 
  • Routes/operations protocol
  • Route planning on a street/map basis

geoCapture for gardening and landscaping - we look forward to hearing from you!