höhere Verfügbarkeit durch GPS Ortung



There are many application fields for geoCapture, especially in construction. Whether it is the disposition of construction machines, mobile time recording, controlling or construction documentation - geoCapture plays its trump cards in the construction industry.

Logistics, time recording, controlling - Common problems at the construction site

Particularly in the construction industry the effective use of expensive machines and skilled workers are essential. Unnecessary machine transports are to be avoided and the utilisation should always be optimal. The allocation of machine- and logistics costs of particular projects is often a problem.

Personnel costs should also not be underestimated in an industry that has known the minimum wage for a long time. Good machine operators are not only difficult to find, they are also well paid. They present a decisive factor for the success of a project. A fair and prompt recording of working times on construction sites is hardly possible in paper form.

Cost calculation is just as important as the effective use of machines and personnel. Deficiencies on construction sites can only be detected by prompt costing. Swift action is necessary when costs get out of hand.

GPS-locating offers the solution

GPS transmitters in the construction machines not only transmit the current position of the implement, but also provide data on machine running times. Thus the running times are automatically distributed to the respective construction sites, because geoCapture knows where your construction sites are. The locations of the machines are always known, which makes scheduling much easier. geoCapture also puts an end to machine theft (alerts).

Via mobile working time recording, the working times of employees on the construction sites are recorded online and prepared for the payroll accounting. Working times are also automatically assigned to the construction sites. The employees clock-in via GPS-transmitters inside the vehicles with conventional RFID chips. With the geoCapture App, employees can also clock-in on their smartphones. Mixed operation is easily possible.

Because all data is transferred to geoCapture servers in real time, all costs for the construction project are always up to date.

Interface to BPS Software

geoCapture offers various interfaces to BPS software and thus provides important data for the post-calculation. geoCapture transfers, among other things, your construction projects, employee master data, equipment master data as well as machine and wage hours per construction project. In addition, the logistics costs for several construction sites per day are automatically allocated and transferred.

Your advantages with GPS-locating:

  • Current location of machines
  • Project-related distribution of machine hours
  • Project-related time recording via GPS
  • Numerous interfaces/APIs
    • BPS Software
    • TTopKontor time-recording
  • Real-time GPS-location
  • Better disposition
  • Anti-theft protection
  • vimproved cost accounting
  • ÜMonitoring of water pumps

geoCapture for civil engineering - We are looking forward to your inquiry!