Mobile Zeiterfassung per GPS
Time Tracking



With geoCapture's mobile GPS time recording, the recording of working times becomes a matter of course: Companies with mobile employees often record their working times via time sheets. This is time-consuming and inaccurate. GeoCapture solves this problem via GPS transmitters in the vehicles and transponders for the employees.

The end of time sheets

Mobile employees on site record their working hours in time books or on time sheets. However, this is often forgotten or written down days later. The calculated times are therefore inaccurate and unreliable. Often, slips of paper are lost or reach the payroll department far too late. In some cases, lost records ensure that the payroll is not completed on time. Typing in the records, which are often difficult to read, is also very time-consuming and prone to errors.

geoCapture has the solution

We offer you our mobile time recording by means of GPS positioning. 90% of our customers use not only the positioning, but additionally the mobile time recording. Hardly any difference in price, but for you and your employees a huge work relief.

For this purpose GPS transmitters are installed in each of your vehicles, whereby all data such as position, working hours, driving times, kilometres and much more are transmitted to the head office.

With geoCapture's GPS positioning, mobile time recording gets totally easy. And best of all, you don't have to choose between different functions, because we offer you a complete tracking system for all your vehicles at no additional cost. For example, our GPS transmitters support, among other things, checking the legally prescribed driving times and tyre pressure, as well as offering an immobiliser, driver recognition and much more.

Further information on the individual features can be found under Functions and Comparison of GPS transmitters.

Important functions of time tracking:

  • exact stamping times with address
  • absence calendar
  • working time accounts
  • vacation accounts
  • Digital applications (leisure, allowances, stamps)
  • wage types
  • monthly statement
  • time models
  • Travel times & set-up times
  • Automatically determine expenses/reimbursements/subsidies
  • digital holiday request
  • column stamps
  • construction site times
  • rounding times
  • automatic break deduction
  • simple post-processing
  • various evaluations as PDF or CSV files
  • numerous interfaces 

Mobile time tracking: Robust, simple and fair with positioning systems from geoCapture

The GPS transmitters transmit the current vehicle position in real time to the geoCapture servers. A reading module for mobile time recording is connected to it.

Each employee receives his or her own transponder (RFID or iButton), which he or she holds against the reading module - a short acoustic signal is emitted and the clocking is applied.

The GPS transmitter transmits the clock data (GPS position, employee, time) via the mobile network to geoCapture. Since geoCapture knows where your construction sites are, the correct construction site is assigned immediately. Thus, project-related clocking is possible, as well as the recording of break times or automatic break and travel time deduction. The times are recorded to the minute, but can be rounded individually if required, for example to quarter-hourly intervals.

We also offer special solutions for time tracking. Special switches can also be used to clock different activities. The data recorded in this way is then processed by time tracking software for payroll accounting. All this happens in real time - robust, simple and fair.

Mobile time tracking by geoCapture

  • automatic book of hours
  • simple operation
  • seconds accurate
  • exact and fair hourly billing
  • Great savings potential through reduction of overtime and administrative costs
  • exact payroll accounting
  • Distribution of wage costs to projects/construction sites
  • versatile evaluation
  • robust and simple
  • Interfaces to payroll accounting
  • Data storage even without mobile phone network
  • Time recording can be viewed via smartphone app
  • automatic assignment of project/construction site thanks to GPS positioning
  • Variable hardware: GPS transmitter in the car, wall terminals (LAN, WLAN, GPRS), Smartphone App

Allowances, expenses, overtime

Every company has its own rules when it comes to the reimbursement of expenses, bonuses or overtime. GeoCapture offers a very flexible system for calculating these wage types - fully automatically, of course.

More and more often, there are special features in payroll accounting that a regular payroll accounting program can no longer handle. GeoCapture has developed a solution for these special cases. 

Booking rules for special overtime bonuses or complex driving allowances can be created quickly and easily, according to your needs. 

Here are just a few possibilities:

  • automatic book of hours
  • Automated creation of wage bookings
  • bonuses for night shifts or overtime
  • Complex driving remuneration
  • KM money
  • trigger
  • expenses
  • special allowances

Holiday requests via smartphone

If you wish, your employees can submit applications via app. This applies not only to leave requests, but also to hourly reductions, bonuses, or the addition of stamp times. Of course, the approval is also digital.


In many companies, employees are on the move in columns. The foreman can use an app to stamp the entire column and submit applications. One click and everything is recorded.  

Calculation of travel times

The travel times are automatically calculated on the basis of the vehicle data and taken into account according to requirements. The trip rules are used to determine exactly which trips are to be paid for the driver and co-driver and which are not. The travel times are then added to or deducted from the working time.

A distinction is also made between arrival, departure and travel times between construction sites. The paid travel times are assigned directly to the construction site/project. 

The travel and working times can be evaluated per construction site or per employee. 

Time recording via Smartphone

Whenever the RFID technology in the vehicle is not sufficient, e.g. because activities have to be clocked, our mobile app is used for the smartphone. 

Time sheets, holiday and hour accounts can also be viewed using the app. 

Employees can use the app to submit applications for vacation, reduction of hours, special pay or time clocks on the move. A real work facilitation for everyone. 

Advantages of GPS Tracking

  • No need for time sheets or time books
  • exact times without "rounding errors
  • Calculation of expenses and allowances 
  • automatic recording of data in real time
  • tamper-proof
  • complies with the requirements of the ECJ ruling of 2019
  • Automatic construction site assignment via GPS position
  • Significantly less administrative work
  • better overview of locations and absence times
  • simple operation
  • robust technology
  • no contract terms
  • also suitable for small businesses

Digital tachograph as time clock

If the tacho download of geoCapture is used, the driving times of the tachograph can be used for the recording of working hours.

The driver simply operates the tachograph as usual and the working times are automatically generated from driving, loading and rest times. Recording working times could not be simpler.

DATEV interface

DATEV software is used by many tax consultants and clients to create payroll accounting. Cost accounting is also used in many companies.

GeoCapture offers interfaces to DATEV so that wage hours, machine hours or vehicle kilometres do not have to be recorded manually. A real simplification and relief of your accounting.

GeoCapture offers interfaces to all important functions:

  • DATEV Salary and wages
  • DATEV LODAS (standard)
  • DATEV LODAS (Calendar)
  • DATEV internal services (IBL)


In addition to Datev, we naturally offer you many other convenient interfaces with which you can import working times into your payroll accounting program or industry software.

We also supply you with the necessary accessories. For example, you can use the geoCapture RFID reader to easily read in employee keys on your PC.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us - we are looking forward to your inquiry!