Without up-to-date road maps, GPS tracking hardly makes sense. GeoCapture uses map data from the market leader Google Maps. This licensed map service allows us to implement our services so successfully.

Since geoCapture obtains the map data directly from the Internet, you do not have to operate your own map server or buy your own map data.

Our map view is comfortable and easy to use. All control elements of Google Maps (satellite view, street view, traffic data) are also available from us.

Next to the map you will find your vehicle list on the left - of course with a search function. From the vehicle list you can access all vehicle data with one click and do not always have to switch back and forth.

On the map, you can click on the route at any point to obtain further information. Downtimes are directly visible by symbols. 

You can search for an address and find employees nearby. This is the best way to plan who can go directly to the job.

Would you like to keep a constant eye on your fleet? Map-TV is an elegant eye-catcher for your office.

geoCapture map functions: 

  • current vehicle position
  • driven routes
  • Pauses and stops
  • Destination with Navi connection
  • Colouring of the routes (km/h, driver, GPS reception, GSM reception, sensors, etc.)
  • Display of projects/construction sites
  • time recording
  • Full screen mode with automatic update
  • Show traffic data from Google
  • Save a map section of the route as a PDF file

Find places faster with What3Words

GeoCapture supports the new and innovative technology of what3words. An incredibly simple and precise way to communicate and find locations. Above all, customers from construction, trade and logistics benefit.

Postal addresses are often not sufficient to accurately describe a location on the map. Especially at construction sites, large companies, wind power plants, exhibition halls or open spaces, navigation becomes difficult. 

GPS coordinates are accurate, but too complicated in practice. Number shifts and transmission errors have fatal consequences. Wrong places are approached, places are searched for too long or deliveries are not delivered to the right recipient. This costs time and money. 

The 3Wort Navigation provides a remedy. Each position on earth can be defined by 3 words with an accuracy of 3x3 meters. These 3 words can be easily memorized and quickly transmitted by voice or writing.

What3words coordinates are easy to enter into the navigation systems or a voice control, which is not the case with the long and unremarkable GPS coordinates. Input or transmission errors are avoided by what3word and you reach your destination without detours.

Advantages of what3words: 

  • Navigation without postal address
  • Find locations without an address faster and more precisely
  • Exact position information
  • Catchy
  • Typing errors are detected and corrected
  • Easy transmission by voice
  • Voice input in navigation systems
  • Multilingual
  • Available worldwide
  • Fewer errors
  • Time-saving
  • Cost saving

Map-TV - The Control Center for your fleet

No matter how large your vehicle fleet is, with geoCapture's map TVs you never lose track. On large screens or video walls you can follow your fleet live on a google map. The view is updated automatically. 

You can set up the map TVs entirely according to your needs. Combine monitors of different sizes and divide them into different vehicle types and map sections. Or have a large area displayed on several monitors.

The vehicle positions are constantly updated. Everything according to your wishes and easily adjustable via our configurator in the geoCapture portal.

Much more than just TV

The map can be displayed in portrait or landscape format depending on your fleet's area of operation. 

Map-TV switches itself on automatically in the morning and off again in the evening. This minimizes power consumption. 

We use state-of-the-art 4K (UHD) screens. The picture quality will inspire you! A real eye-catcher for your office.

The hardware will be delivered to you completely adjusted and only needs to be supplied with power and WLAN.

If you wish, we can install the device on your premises (e.g. wall or table mounting)

Advantages and functions of MAP-TV:

  • Video Wall for large fleets / applications
  • Portrait or landscape format
  • automatic update
  • Vehicle status (stationary, ignition, driving, alarm, maintenance)
  • intelligent vehicle overlay
  • animated vehicle positions
  • variable map sections 
  • different card layouts
  • google traffic situation and traffic jams
  • Plug and Play, directly applicable 
  • noiseless (no fans)
  • LAN or WLAN
  • Autostart without registration
  • low maintenance due to auto on/off
  • low power consumption

No matter how large your vehicle fleet is - with the map display of geoCapture you always keep track!