Tachograph Download mit geoCapture



With geoCapture, the tachograph and driver card data is read and archived automatically. The tachograph or driver card can be downloaded whenever you want via a GPS transmitter in the vehicle.

Remote download of digital tachograph and driver card

The law obliges the vehicle owner to regularly read out the digital tachograph and driver card. This is not only quite time-consuming, but also takes up a large part of your time. Logistical problems also play a role, as the truck has to be on site to read the tachograph.


Remote Tacho Download via GPS transmitter in  the truck

To read the tachograph with geoCapture, the vehicle is equipped with the GPS transmitter FM63. This is connected to the digital tachograph via an adapter. The SIM card installed in the GPS transmitter sends the required data from the digital tachograph to geoCapture according to a schedule or on demand.

Regardless of whether the truck is stationary or still on the road. Reading out the tachograph is done in the simplest way without any effort.

GeoCapture ensures that all data is transferred on time and archived in compliance with the law. Everything runs automatically via the download calendar.


Easy installation - Plug and Play

To make the installation in the vehicle as easy as possible, geoCapture supplies prefabricated cable harnesses. The digital tachograph is connected to the GPS transmitter via a plug connection. This guarantees an error-free installation and the installation time is considerably shortened.

You save a lot of time, money and trouble!


Your advantages with Remote Tacho Download:

With the GPS positioning of geoCapture you receive a complete fleet management system. Thus you benefit from the numerous advantages of GPS truck tracking and at the same time meet the legal requirements for the digital tachograph.

  • Calendar-controlled or manual remote reading of the digital tachograph
  • Transmission of tacho data, driver card and passenger card
  • Compliance with legal deadlines (calendar-controlled 28/90 days)
  • Compliance with legal regulations for archiving (2 years)
  • DDD files for archiving in geoCapture or other software (e.g. ZA-ARC)
  • manual import of DDD files of old tacho data
  • Transmission and control of driving times and rest periods
  • No manual intervention necessary (download starts automatically)
  • Download driver and passenger card
  • Remote Tacho Download works worldwide
  • no additional transmission costs
  • Fast installation due to prefabricated cable harnesses
  • Supported models:
    • Stoneridge SE5000 from Version 7.1
    • VDO DTCO 1381 Version V1.3a, V1.4, V2.0, V2.1, V2.2

If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us. We will answer all your questions about our GPS transmitters and their functions. We are looking forward to your inquiry!