Schleifmaschine im Einsatz



Every company with mobile task forces knows the problem: Where is the tool? Who is en route with the trailer? Tools, trailers, attachments and other objects are usually very expensive. Their use, condition and whereabouts are often only half-heartedly recorded. Thanks to geoCapture the management of your equipment is now completely automatic.


GPS-tracking for tools and other objects

Most devices and tools do not have their own power supply. This makes it impossible to attach GPS tracker to tools and equipment. With BLE beacons you can still track your tools easily and cheaply.

With these small, robust and yet cheap devices you can solve a lot of problems: Device tracking, inventory, vehicle loading, usage logs, operating hours, trailer identification and much more.

Further details about tool tracking with BLE beacons can be found here.

Automatic loading control

Checking the vehicle load and equipment is usually only done half-heartedly. Tools are forgotten on construction sites or are missing during use.

The loading control of geoCapture solves this problem. The loading of the vehicle is constantly checked via the GPS tracker in the vehicle. If something is missing, the driver is immediately alerted. So nothing is lost and the equipment is always complete.

If necessary, the check can also be carried out by smartphone. The driver can remain behind the steering wheel. The control is carried out without visibility. The driver sees on his tablet or phone which tools are in the vehicle, what is missing or even if there is too much.