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Whenever our GPS time recording via RFID keys can no longer meet all requirements, our app is used. An app offers more possibilities than a simple time recording via RFID sensors in the vehicle. Both types of time recording complement each other perfectly. Mixed operation is possible without any problems.

Functions for time recording

Our mobile app offers great features for time recording. Much more than simply clocking working times. The app provides a complete workflow for time recording requests. Departments and columns are also covered.


This function allows the employees to  clock easily via the smartphone. The app recognizes the phone and the employee. Only as much information is requested as is absolutely necessary. This makes clocking with our app extremely easy, fast and flexible. 

Orders are automatically recognized based on the GPS position. Optionally, activities can be clocked. Notes can also be attached to the stamp. 

Optionally the column function can be activated. Then the foreman can clock for his colleagues. The employees of a column can be easily selected by the foreman via the app. Thus the handling is very comfortable even with variable column assignment.


With this function of the mobile app you can see at a glance which employees are present, which are missing and why. Clocked times, hour accounts, vacation accounts and time sheets of your colleagues can be easily viewed on your smartphone.

Personnel account - Vacation - Hours

Employees can display the current status of their leave or time accounts. The time sheet for the current month can also be viewed. This allows the employee to check times and bonuses before the month is billed. This saves unnecessary cancellation bookings and discussions with the personnel office.

Holiday applications 

If you want to go on holiday, you have to apply for it. With the app, the employee simply submits their vacation request via smartphone. The system immediately checks whether there is enough remaining leave. Approved leave is immediately entered in the missed days calendar.

Hourly compensation

If the employee wants to compensate overtime, he or she can also apply for it via mobile phone. GeoCapture checks the status of the hours account and warns if there are not enough overtime left.

Special bonuses/special work

In many companies, bonuses are paid for special work. Dirt or hazard allowances cannot always be clocked and must be applied for separately. Here, too, approval is given by the supervisor. 

Adding clocking times

If the employee forgot to clock, he or she can have a  time stamp added by app. Only when the superior has approved the correction will it be accepted.

Submit and approve applications 

Applications for leave, reduction of hours, special allowances or working hours can also be approved or rejected on a mobile phone. Employees can withdraw applications or view their status.

Departments and Columns

A simple and very variable structure allows you to define superiors of departments or columns. Superiors only see the data of their assigned employees. This provides a better overview and simplifies working with the mobile app.

holiday replacement

If a superior is on leave or sick, a substitution can be defined. As soon as the superior is sick or on leave, for example, according to the absence calendar, his or her substitution has access to his or her employees. When he or she returns, everything automatically continues to run normally. Requests for leave or special bonuses also end up with the substitute. 

If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you!