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The mobile app from geoCapture not only offers mobile access to your data, its unique flexibility makes it easy to work on a mobile phone or tablet. It's amazingly easy to make your own app available to every user.

You are mobile - so your system should be too.

Versatile functions

  • vehicle tracking
  • driver's log
  • time tracking
    • stamping
    • attendance
    • Holiday and time accounts
    • hourlies
    • leave requests
    • special allowances
    • time correction
  • IIndividual Apps

Only as much as you really need

No matter if managing director, department manager, foreman or colleague on the construction site, everyone gets his own app with the functions he needs. For yourself, your column, construction site, department or for the entire company. So nobody is overwhelmed with unnecessary functions and your data is even better protected against unauthorized access.

Central administration

The administration of the mobile devices takes place centrally in the portal of geoCapture. Access and distribution of the app is via email, SMS, or WhatsApp individually for each end device. Each end device can be assigned its own applications, departments or persons. This means maximum data security and ease of use. 

Individual devices can simply be centrally blocked in the event of loss. Even more protection for your data.

No annoying updates 

Our apps are provided centrally by our servers. You do not need to install any updates. All program corrections are immediately available on the device. New functions can be used immediately by the user. So everyone always works with the same, current version.

Fixed or variable user

A mobile device can be permanently assigned to an employee. The employee only sees his or her data and the persons/departments assigned to it. It is possible to bypass the annoying login. This makes the app even easier to use and enjoys great popularity among colleagues.

If a device is to be used by several people, protection is provided by a personal PIN of the user. So you can use tablets as clocks or information terminals.

Android or iPhone

The geoCapture app works on both Android and iPhone. So you can decide for yourself which devices you want to use. Of course, the geoCapture app also works on tablets with these operating systems.

custom-made product

Sometimes the standard applications are not sufficient. Then it can be useful to develop your own app for your problem. Our central control and variable administration allows the use of such custom apps. Describe your requirements to us and we will show you possible solutions. Challenge us!

Your advantages with the geoCapture App:

  • Location and time tracking in one system
  • great time and cost savings
  • exact working hours
  • central management
  • no annoying updates
  • fixed or variable user
  • Android or iPhone

If you have any questions about our app, feel free to call us!