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Not every device or object can be equipped with a GPS transmitter. Nevertheless, these objects and tools should be located. Also usage protocols and theft protection should be available.

Using BLE beacons in combination with GPS vehicle location solves this problem. There are numerous application areas - wherever there is no permanent power supply. GPS transmitters in vehicles receive and transmit the beacon data to geoCapture. Location, loading, transports etc. are logged without gaps. Cost-effective and simple.

What is a BLE beacon?

A BLE beacon is a small, robust radio transmitter (Ø 3.5 - 5.5 cm) that can be attached to machines, tools and objects of all kinds. A variant of the Bluetooth 4.0 standard is used for the beacons: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) - low power consumption. A beacon therefore has a very long service life of up to 15 years. At regular intervals, signals with a range of approx. 50-100 m are sent to the environment with the individual device identification. 

Signals of the BLE beacons are received by GPS transmitters, wall devices (gateways) or smartphones and transmitted to geoCapture.

In addition, the BLE beacons are inexpensive to purchase, waterproof, dirt-resistant and shockproof. Ideal conditions for use in harsh environments.

BLE beacons with different sensors

Depending on the design, beacons can transmit different data: 

  • Battery state of charge - Replace battery before it is too late
  • Temperatures - Monitoring of cool boxes
  • Humidity - Food transport
  • Movement - Operating hours
  • Angle of inclination - fragile goods consignments
  • Operating hours - for drilling machines/motor saws etc.
  • Vibration - Shipment monitoring
  • Light - a container/container was opened
  • Magnet - Door opening detection

Its versatility opens up countless application possibilities.

The formats iBeacon (Apple) and Eddystone (Google) are very common. Both standards are of course supported by geoCapture. 


BLE beacons - versatile in use 

BLE beacons can be attached to a variety of devices, tools or small machines. Reading out the various data becomes child's play.

Some examples for the use of beacons:

  • Positioning: containers, trailers, small machines, vibratory plates, transport racks, tools, scaffolding, lawn mowers, ladders, attachments, refrigerated containers

  • Monitoring: cold chains, temperature during refrigerated transport, route recognition, assignment of loads, 

  • Inventory: construction sites, tool magazines, warehouses, open spaces, vehicle equipment

  • Documentation: operating hours, deployment protocols, transport routes, cold chains, last locations, movement, loading, use
    Deployment planning/controlling: project planning, cost accounting

  • Crowd-GPS: Joint search for lost/stolen items by the geoCapture community


Reception by GPS transmitters, smartphones and gateways 

Usually the signals of the BLE beacons are received via smartphones. However, only if the corresponding app is started on the smartphone. GeoCapture therefore additionally relies on the reception by GPS transmitters. If a vehicle with a GPS transmitter drives within the range of the BLE beacons, these are automatically detected by the GPS transmitter. So you know directly which devices and tools are in the vicinity or how a vehicle is loaded. The GPS transmitters ensure a complete and reliable transmission of the data. Locations, loading, transports, and much more are logged seamlessly.

BLE beacons can also be used in buildings or warehouses. Gateways serve as stationary receiving stations. These are installed in the warehouse or on the company premises and receive regularly the signals of the devices with BLE Beacon. Thus it is permanently determined which devices are in the warehouse. This allows, for example, a lightning-fast inventory in your warehouse, at the place of action or at the emergency vehicle.

Due to the continuous transmission of the current data, you do not have to keep any handwritten protocols or make any manual entries. In addition, BLE beacons will significantly reduce theft and waste less time searching for devices or tools. This immediately increases productivity and reduces costs. Using BLE beacons pays for itself in a very short time.


Theft protection via Crowd-GPS

On average, 24 devices per year are simply lost in the company. The company suffers a great deal of damage as a result of the search effort, the downtime and the loss of the equipment. Crowd-GPS from geoCapture provides a remedy. The geoCapture Crowd-GPS function helps you to locate lost or stolen tools or devices.

If you report a tool as lost in the geoCapture portal, the Crowd-GPS function is activated. Crowd-GPS uses swarm intelligence to search for the lost tool when it is out of range of your own vehicles. All vehicles, gateways and smartphones of all geoCapture customers then help with the search.
This is done fully automatically in the background. Only you know that the tool is reported lost. As soon as the stolen tool reaches the reception area of one of the countless Bluetooth receivers, you are immediately notified by SMS, email or voice message. The location of the device is displayed in the software.


geoCapture supports beacons from numerous manufacturers

Some tool manufacturers also equip their equipment with BLE beacons. But these systems are not compatible with each other. Each manufacturer uses its own protocols and software. This is cumbersome and not very practical. 

GeoCapture supports beacons of numerous manufacturers and so all data are stored and evaluated in only one software. One system for all - unique on the market!

With geoCapture these manufacturers can be used: 

Bosch (TrackMyTools), Caterpillar, HILTI (OnTrack), Milwaukee (Tick), STIHL (Stihl connect), ELA, iBeacon, Eddystone and Husqvarna.

Other tool manufacturers will also use BLE-Beacon in the future. We have therefore developed our software in such a way that we can add further manufacturers to it at any time.


Advantages of Beacon technology:

  • Robust technology
  • Water-, dirt-, shock-resistant
  • Long life
  • Favorable purchase price
  • anti-theft protection 
  • Crowd GPS
  • Various sensors
  • Support of numerous manufacturers
  • Recording and evaluation in one software package
  • Locations by What3Words and GPS

Mounting the Beacons

Due to their robust design (DELRIN housing), beacons are ideally suited for use on construction sites. Dirt and water cannot damage the transmitters (protection class IP68).

Our beacons are provided with mounting holes. This mounting on machines, containers or tools can be versatile:

  • screws
  • rivets
  • gluing
  • cable tie

We recommend Multibond Comfort from TECHNOLIT® as the adhesive. These have been tested by our customers with very good results. You can order the adhesive directly from us.

If you have any further questions about our technology, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to your inquiry!