Higher availability
Higher availability



With geoCapture GPS tracking, you not only know where your vehicles are at any given time, but also receive a full-fledged planning aid for your workshop and maintenance appointments. The GPS tracker in the vehicles constantly determine performance data such as kilometres or operating hours. For example, geoCapture calculates when your vehicles needs the next oil change. 

Missing maintenance can be expensive

The larger a fleet becomes, the more complex the management of workshop and maintenance dates for the vehicles becomes. Which vehicle needs an oil change? Which vehicles will be available in the coming weeks? Which can be planned and which not?

If the availability of the vehicles is not properly planned, this can lead to great difficulties in scheduling. The follow-up costs can be enormous.

If maintenance deadlines are missed, the vehicle can suffer permanent damage.

Especially in companies with seasonal fluctuations in performance (e.g. construction industry) the calculation of the next oil change can be very complex. Some vehicles are serviced too early and some too late. In any case, the company incurs unnecessary costs. GeoCapture calculates the next maintenance date for you and takes seasonal fluctuations into account.

GPS positioning calculates maintenance dates

GeoCapture contains a module for the administration and planning of workshop appointments. geoCapture distinguishes between time- and performance-dependent maintenance work. The GPS transmitters installed in the vehicle constantly determine the mileage in kilometres or operating hours. Since geoCapture knows the current mileage of the vehicle, the system can calculate the next oil change date, for example. Seasonal fluctuations in vehicle usage are taken into account. Dates for tyre changes or the end of the leasing period can also be managed. In this way, the workshop and the disposition keep a constant overview of upcoming maintenance work.

No more missed appointments and all maintenance work is carried out on time. The availability of the vehicle fleet increases and thus it is used more effectively.

Your advantages: 

  • Management of maintenance schedules
  • Prediction of maintenance work (incl. seasonal fluctuations)
  • Keeping a maintenance log for each vehicle
  • Entry of external invoices (external workshops)
  • Evaluation of costs (own and external workshop)
  • Improved availability
  • Timely execution of maintenance work

The availability of the vehicle fleet increases and thus it is used more effectively.